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Top things to do in Berlin

As someone who doesn’t go in for normal tourism, you won’t catch me recommending all the usual tick lists that hordes of people opt for, unless its truly outstanding such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which truly blew my mind. Generally I am more interested in getting to the places locals go, and actually … Continue reading Top things to do in Berlin

4 Days 4 Countries

    Something I’ve never done before.  Spain to Germany to Finland to India.  I doubt I will get in any record books for this, but it is an amazing experience, and one that has only in very recent times become a possibility for  anyone with the advent of reasonably priced air travel.  Of course … Continue reading 4 Days 4 Countries

Arambol Beach

 Arambol has grown from practically nothing to a chaotic sprawl of cafe’s restaurants, guest houses, beach shacks and family residences all jumbled into a town…but much of the interest for me is the nightly gathering on Arambol Beach. Every night at sunset people congregate near the Magic Park exit on the beach for a drum … Continue reading Arambol Beach

Delhi Belly

The famous downside to Indian travel is the Delhi Belly. Unfortunately many travellers do fall victim to it, and I have myself several times. Of course the best thing is to avoid getting it in the first place. One should always be careful of what food you eat. Ask restaurants how they wash food especially … Continue reading Delhi Belly

Milford Sound

Milford Sound has to be surely one of the highlights of New Zealand, even if there are undoubtedly many in this small but incredible country. The road in from Te Anau is about 120km long and makes the journey as interesting as the destination.  The landscape changes and you notice how it is almost becoming … Continue reading Milford Sound

how to travel for free

How to travel for free   Sounds good doesn’t it !!  Everyone would jump at the chance to how to travel for free, right ?  Ok there is a slight catch to this, but the idea is simple.  You can save a whole heap of hard earned money by joining very specific credit card reward … Continue reading how to travel for free

Magnetic Island

My former home for about 7 years.  Magnetic Island is a tropical paradise off the North Queensland coast, found 8km east off of Townsville. After living in a city for some years it was a breath of fresh air to be living by the sea, with palm tree’s and nature all around and a completely … Continue reading Magnetic Island

Would you get your haircut here ?

My first time in Arambol, Goa, India.  I happened to chance upon this fine looking establishment ” Fanny Hair Dressing Salon” whcih looked sadly in need of repair and perhaps some much needed love and attention.


Dharamshala is nestled in the foothills of the himalayas. Its smaller higher village of McLeod Ganj is the home of the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan government in exile. It was the first place that I visited in India after arriving in Delhi, and I have been back twice since. The first time I went … Continue reading Dharamshala

Top tips on travelling India

  You are going to encounter a lot of poverty and begging. The chaos of India is difficult for many to handle. The dust, pollution, and culture shock all definitely challenge many tourists…Personally I think these are just some of the elements that add to 1.  Take the train. – The train system is amazing … Continue reading Top tips on travelling India

What to do when you are stopped by the Goa Police

I went for a day trip by motorbike to visit the town of Arambol. Turns out it is a great place, I found 2 live music venues, and won 10 games of pool in a row, which made me reasonably happy. Lots happening too, and the waves on the beach looked seriously inviting. Upon the … Continue reading What to do when you are stopped by the Goa Police

Enter New Delhi

I remember the first time I came here. Its now my 4th time. Delhi is a true onslaught to the mind. The chaos, the pollution, the dirt & dust, the rickshaws and crazy driving, the odd cow in the middle of the roads, beggars of all sorts and some with various injuries or missing limbs, holy … Continue reading Enter New Delhi

Travellers Guide to Surviving Moscow Airport

So I have decided to travel to India, using a reasonably extreme flight over my Birthday involving a 15hr overnight in Moscow Airport, which turns out to have possibly the worlds most expensive coffee and beer.  What with having no other options I reluctantly I lashed out on a 10 euro beer, then further 6 … Continue reading Travellers Guide to Surviving Moscow Airport

Why is Everyone moving to Berlin

Why move to Berlin !? In the Year I have been here it seems like Berlin is like a new Mecca for people from so many different countries. Its easily Germany’s most international city.  There’s a few obvious reasons that I can fathom. There are so many artists and musicians here its a great place … Continue reading Why is Everyone moving to Berlin

Why Travel

So why not just stay home ? I think that the best reason to travel is in search of a kind of freedom. Some might say it is an escape, and they probably are right but only using their way of thinking, so much of what we do is an escape, watching TV, going on … Continue reading Why Travel

Why you should visit New Zealand

          3 hours flight from Australia New Zealand has the feeling of being at the end of the Earth. It has somethings very familiar about it for me especially since I come from Scotland and yet the plants and tree’s have a particular uniqueness about them. Every time I think about … Continue reading Why you should visit New Zealand

Getting Deep ?

I have a love of freedom. The question remains what exactly is freedom then ?  My personal answer would be it is something to be found internally, but of course there are various external issues such as jobs, paying the rent that crop up and have to be contended with, but I think its fair … Continue reading Getting Deep ?

Finding a Mango Smoothie in Magical Leh in the Himalayas

  For those that don’t know Leh is the capital of Ladakh, nestled in the Indus Valley in the deep Himalayan plateau. The culture is predominantly Tibetan Buddhist, and the language Ladakhi is very similar to Tibetan.I flew with my girlfriend from Delhi-Leh which was an experience in itself, and we arrived effectively 3.5km’s higher … Continue reading Finding a Mango Smoothie in Magical Leh in the Himalayas

Essential travel items

Here are some products and resources that I personally use or think are essential travel items . Travel Overland from Europe to India –  friend of mine just travelled overland from Berlin to Australia, he recommended this site  for help booking trains ships etc… Air India – Kind of invaluable when one wishes to fly within India but of course … Continue reading Essential travel items

Why should I go to India

For those who have been to India, it is an amazing place. I have been 3 times. I go for the experience, not to be a tourist. It has everything from beautiful beaches, tropical areas, deserts, massive cities, the highest mountains in the world, and as if that wasn’t enough it is full of amazing … Continue reading Why should I go to India

Thoughts on Travelling

I love travelling. Unlike alot of people I like airports. Ok all the security stuff is a bit of a pain, but I like the sense of being off somewhere new, its exciting. I also enjoy the actual airplane ride too, and amazingly enough I like the food ! though after 8hrs I generally feel … Continue reading Thoughts on Travelling

Buying a Royal Enfield Motorbike in India

They don’t do price tags in India, most things are verbally agreed or haggled over, and you are somehow supposed to have immersed yourself enough in the vibe of the place to get a feel for the prices   which actually it works, but it can be frustrating when you are new there and you … Continue reading Buying a Royal Enfield Motorbike in India

Mission: Buy a Motorbike, drive over the Himalayas & Film it

I decided to go back to India buy a motorbike with a friend and drive over the Himalaya at Manali, the famous Rohtang Pass, which has remnants of a road on it ! Thanks to the forces of nature and thousands of indian tourists intent on gaining their first glimpse of snow. Then the plan … Continue reading Mission: Buy a Motorbike, drive over the Himalayas & Film it

Travelling NZ in a Van

The freedom is unbeatable. I don’t know why people even use hostels except to meet other people. – Park almost anywhere – Sleep anywhere. – No accomodation costs. – Budget travel. – Car ownership costs are very low in NZ – Car and van prices are low too.   Top Tips for living in a Van … Continue reading Travelling NZ in a Van

Finding Work in NZ

Unfortunately NZ doesn’t generally have the best paid jobs especially compared to its bigger, richer neighbour.  However this doesn’t have any influence of my love for the country. It is truly amazing, and the people are wonderful. We ended up getting jobs at Cardrona ski fields for the season, which was occasionally hard work, but … Continue reading Finding Work in NZ

1st steps in NZ – Buying a Van in Christchurch

My girlfriend and I decided to go to New Zealand, which isnt too far from Australia where I lived at the time. (still its 3hours flight from Brisbane !). Having done a little bit of homework beforehand, but not enough to destroy any hope of spontaneity, we thought it the best plan to buy a … Continue reading 1st steps in NZ – Buying a Van in Christchurch


One of the oldest cities in the world and almost a must do on an Indian travellers itinary. The city is holy to the hindu’s who believe that if you die here you automatically get enlightened. Remember that !  The city is more crowded and more intense than Delhi, and the old sector is full … Continue reading Varanasi

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