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A cool jam with Sara Shaw on Vox, Niall Bowden groovin down on bass, Dani Ryan on djembe, rythym master Albert Salvador on drums & myself on electric guitar.

Jamming with Andrew Clermont & Maik Antrack at home in Berlin

for Pablo, spontaneous jam with a looper pedal and some pyschedelic effects

Bonti and Chris jamming in New Delhi, India. Put to some footage I made while driving my bike over the Himalaya – yep straight over Everest on an Enfield, a world first.
More Coming Soon

People / Bands I like !!

The fantastic Orchestra Baobab …



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  1. Hey,

    Thank you for joyful tones this Wednesday on Friland, Denmark – I really enjoyed the whole concert, and I just couldn’t stop dancing. The energy was high and the music you played was amazing. The freedom was flowing in the tent. I wish you all the best – you are really talented.

    Greeting from the yellow-shirted barefoot-dancer.

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