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I have  a passion for creating music. Here are some of my children. I love them for their beauty and their flaws.  Most would never have been created without the aid of friends and great musicians.




Samantabadra – a short piece of meditational drum groove and guitar feedback between Cliff Venner on drums, and myself on Guitar and Bass. Recorded in Friedrichshain Berlin

Through Heaven and Hell


Spontaneous abstract reggae creation..

Blues Sketches – Jam recorded on an iPhone at a studio with Hensel on bass, Kyrill on drums and yours truly on guitar.

Shilling – written by Martin Miller &  Chris M Blyth. Recorded in Glasgow, Scotland


Fire, Love Fire – Chris M Blyth, recorded from my Beach Shack Palace on Magnetic Island, Australia.  First venture into Electroworld / Guitar / Arabic crossover…

All Guitars, Bass, Vox – Chris M Blyth

Azilal – Recorded in Manali, India – Listen carefully you might here the river flowing in the background. The Spanish Guitar used survived 2000 km tied to the back of motorbike going over the Himalayas.

All Guitars, Bass, Vox – Chris M Blyth

Anger, Peace and the One Tree – Live at The Berlin Basement with Chris M Blyth, Thibault and Kostya

Electric Guitars – Chris M Blyth, Bass – Kostya Orloff, Drums – Thibault

“for گلشیفته فراهانی” from home experimental loop session.

All Guitars, Bass, Vox – Chris M Blyth


2 thoughts on “Songs & Instrumentals”

  1. fly, scream. die..

    i want to fly, i want to beat.. my lettle feet, so lost in the street..the beating drum, the thistled sounds, all but surround the beating now.. my pounding flesh apon the sands in all the lands and all those hands, for all the way, we lost that day, the beating sands a glittering way.

    my flesh beats hard against the sounds of its own virtue for it lives at its own will.


    i want to create i want to build, i want to dream….and when i wake, the sun will shine for all the shine..for when the beating love, the pounding flesh, the way…will heat that day, i want to shine, no drinking wine

    like little lost memories all poured out on a page the sounds that they met with were lost in her way. we pray.


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