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Using the Lumix GF2 in India

Lumix GF2 Review

I have had this camera a little under a year, and I think its fantastic. Initially I got it just with the 14-42mm zoom lens, but then decided that I wanted the extras of the 14mm pancake lens and also the optional LVF-1 viewfinder, as I prefer the traditional viewfinder method of taking pictures, and think its essential in situations where the sun might be behind you when you are taking a photo.  This would be one of my two complaints with the camera, that a viewfinder is not standard and also is a rather expensive accessory weighing in at around 170 Euro. The second complaint is that the maximum length of shutter speed is only 60 seconds, and I would prefer longer for those cool nighttime shots of cities or star scapes…

The positives –  it’s light and small, the smallest DSLR in the world they say. Perhaps thats true but Idon’t care too much I just know that its convenient to put in my bag with the 2 lens, and so whe opportunities to take a great photo arise invariably I have it with me which might not be the case if I had a bigger heavier camera.


This photo was taken in the backpacker area of PaherGanj of New Delhi. India is such a great place for photography because theres stuff and people happening pretty much all the time everywhere ! Which is why its a good idea to have a camera on you all the time you never know what suprise awaits – the next day someone was walking an elephant down the adjoining street to this one…

girls next to rickshaw tk2

I met some street kids in Delhi took them for a chai and asked them about their lives. They beg each day here in Delhi, so I asked them to do a paid photo ! This was taken at night, the light wasn’t great but I decided not to use the flash I just quickly adjusted the manual settings ISO, and balanced the Aperture and Shutter Speed so the light levels were enough and I was very happy with the result.

Essential travel items

Here are some products and resources that I personally use or think are essential travel items . Travel Overland from Europe to India –  friend of mine just travelled overland from Berlin to Australia, he recommended this site  for help booking trains ships etc… Air India – Kind of invaluable when one wishes to fly within India but of course there are others .. UK-India Flights

Portable Water Purifier – Purify water while you are on the go. Especially useful in countries such as India where you can’t be certain of the safety of the water supply.




Merino Shirts – No need to wash for days ! – I have a couple of merino shirts now, and I think they are just awesome. I would’nt buy anything else.  No more being a stinky traveller because you didnt wash your shirt for 2 weeks.  Merino is anti-bacterial so they don’t smell after wearing !



  The IPhone – An amazing tool for the traveller. Get internet on the move. Personally I use mine as my Ipod, E-Book-reader, GPS, has a great sound recorder that I use to make notes and record gig’s / songs/ jams / samples (I’m a musician) a camera and of course a phone !


Macbook Pro 13″  – This is the laptop that I use and I find it invaluable asset to me especially as its the way that I earn my money.



Panasonic Lumix GF2 DSLR Camera – This is the camera that I use to capture most of my shots.  It is fantastic, even if I am slightly biased because its my first digital SLR. Really I could’nt be much more happy with it. Its really light and compact and shoots great pro quality pictures. See here for some of my work using this camera…


Refuse the Rat race Ebook – written by a travelling Earl who has been on the road for 11 years shows you some great tips how to make it financially while still travelling.





How to get work on a Cruise ships A great guide on how and where to find work on Cruise ships so you can travel the world and earn cash at the same time. Enjoy…