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how to travel for free

How to travel for free


Sounds good doesn’t it !!  Everyone would jump at the chance to how to travel for free, right ?  Ok there is a slight catch to this, but the idea is simple.  You can save a whole heap of hard earned money by joining very specific credit card reward programs that give you free airmiles in return for joining up and/or spending certain amounts with the card.

The Starwoods Preferred Guest Credit Card (American Express) gives especially good benefits for US citizens, but fear not us non-USer’s can also get some great mileage too.

£75 a year fee, and if you spend £1000 in the first 3 months you get 10,000 free points which you can then use to transfer to a frequent flyer program

Thanks to Maneesh Sethi for the info.

What to do when you are stopped by the Goa Police

I went for a day trip by motorbike to visit the town of Arambol. Turns out it is a great place, I found 2 live music venues, and won 10 games of pool in a row, which made me reasonably happy. Lots happening too, and the waves on the beach looked seriously inviting.
Upon the way back to Chapora, I encountered a police roadblock (the time was roughly midnight). Three policemen, one of whom was armed with what appeared to be an antique wooden rifle he had liberated from the 1st world war or possibly even earlier.
So upon deciding to be a good citizen I stopped. I noticed the slightly strange lazy sauntering approach of the first policeman, who then asked me to stop the engine. After I did so then he commented about a strange smell, and then asked me if I had been smoking, I replied that I don’t smoke and am very happy with my years of freedom. Undetered he then said that if he searched my bag and found Charas (hashish) there would be trouble, my response was a polite but firm “go ahead, search my bag I have nothing, I don’t smoke”, deciding to change tack he then asked me for my licence which I did not have on me, but I offered to bring it to him the next day.
So a fine of 500 rupees was pronounced for my crime. Naturally this being India, I surmised that haggling would definitely be worthwhile, so I offered him 250, which was raised by them to 300, then our brief time shared together on this earth was finished and I continued on my way.
So long and short is – the police here really just want to make money, I asked around and heard that others have been caught out, some with drugs, but the crime is almost not relevant, and the 500 rupee fine is what is really wanted and the standard amount requested. Perhaps haggling is not to be advised if you have committed a crime that could end you up in prison, but I realised what they were up to early on in the proceeding, while at the same time knowing I had done nothing serious wrong.
Apparently here the police have to pay alot of money to get their posting, and this is their way of recuperating the money lost.
I love India…

Travellers Guide to Surviving Moscow Airport

So I have decided to travel to India, using a reasonably extreme flight over my Birthday involving a 15hr overnight in Moscow Airport, which turns out to have possibly the worlds most expensive coffee and beer.  What with having no other options I reluctantly I lashed out on a 10 euro beer, then further 6 euro on a remarkably average black coffee.  My Scottish culture identity feels completely crushed.

It turned out my departure terminal was the only one that has seating without those bloody annoying armrests that to my mind have been created by an airport conspiracy group intent on not letting travellers sleep easily in airports.  The only reason I think that the ones I did find didn’t have armrests is that they were waiting to replace them.  On the plus side the airport has free Wifi, which I suppose helps one drown ones sorrows after the beer prices.   Foolish of me to have expected gratitude for my generosity in taking up the beer offer, ok even a smile perhaps, but no, not a chance of that.

Still it seems that Moscow is the place to go if you are into Duty Free. You can completely overdose , and then till be left with more saturation waiting to drown you, in selections of everything from Chanel to Dom Perignon and Single Malts…

Anyway thats all I want to write.  If you wanna survive, bring your own beer or better buy it on the plane beforehand. Bring your own food I didn’t check out the prices but I am certain they are suitably extravagant for complete averageness.

Probably a good idea to bring some roubles too !!!