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Top things to do in Berlin

As someone who doesn’t go in for normal tourism, you won’t catch me recommending all the usual tick lists that hordes of people opt for, unless its truly outstanding such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, which truly blew my mind.

Generally I am more interested in getting to the places locals go, and actually experiencing living in a place if only for a short time.

So here it is top tips for Berlin

Go for a walk along beautiful  Dieffenbach Str in Kreuzberg, its a calm treelined street with some great cafe’s and more…
At the  end near to Kottbusser Tor on the right is a little Turkish Deli place called Weinblat
They do a wonderful dish called a Gossi Mix…like a Pancakey thing with Aubergine and Feta cheese and served with an amazing Walnut Chilli dip all for less than 5 Euro/
Its 1st class and cheap.

WeinBlatt restaurant

Go see Kreuzberg it is grungy and a bit crazy, if you visit the Tor prepare to see lots of junkies and alcoholics intent on self-destruction. As I lived there I also regularly encountered people walking along the streets talking to themselves in delusional states…

Avoid anything hipster, they have invaded and seem to go to some secret shop of fashion to get the beard, tatoos, music taste and clothes all at once. If its your thing go for it, but for me its uncreative and superficial.

See Friedrichshain…

Simon-Dach str…a long street full of bars and restaurants…touristy…i don’t know everywhere is i guess but its cheap and good and worth it for people watching, as is Boxhagner Platz nearby, which is also where I would recommend staying
its affordable and not to touristic or hipster overloaded. There is also less screwed up people hanging out.  Its also located in former East Berlin. On Kingstr you can find a beautiful Buddhist temple: Bodhicharya


Berlin is a bit spread out and lacks a real centre, so be prepared to travel if you want to see anything.  Checkout craigslist for deals on cheap metro tickets…


I am a musician. There is a lot of variety in Berlin.

– Saturday evening after 12:30 free entry to A-Trane to see pretty nice jazz in a small and intimate atmosphere. I have seen some great jazz musicians jamming here.

–   The concert house in Gendarmmarkt has some pretty cool leftfield / avantgarde stuff happening , I went a few times and really enjoyed it.

–  Jazz jam at the Edelweiss a little bit of an attitude / snootiness, but interesting none the less, gets packed out on Tuesday nights with conservatorium Jazz students, and is in the heart of Gorlitzer park in Kreuzberg.

Why is Everyone moving to Berlin

Why move to Berlin !?

In the Year I have been here it seems like Berlin is like a new Mecca for people from so many different countries. Its easily Germany’s most international city.  There’s a few obvious reasons that I can fathom.

  • There are so many artists and musicians here its a great place to get inspired and meet like minds
  • People are getting up to all kinds of crazy shit here just to do it…the other day I saw a guy cycling a bike which was 2 bikes welded on top of each other ?!? Wish I’d got a photo.
  • Its cheap here relatively to other major Cities.
  • Its apparently the greenest city in Europe with an abundance of treelined streets and nice parks.
  • It has a great transport system
  • Totally bike friendly with bike lanes everywhere
  • Its pretty safe
  • The summer is great
  • There’s every sort of entertainment you could want for 24/7

So those are the positives. Here come the others !

  • Its dirty….
  • Well paid jobs are not abundant
  • The Winters are long and cold
  • The people can be quite cold – sitting on the train is a totally different experience compared to the likes of India or Asia

I’ve had a lot of fun in this city and met some great people. There are some good jam sessions to meet musicians, and lots of art exhibitions to visit.  I really enjoyed taking photo’s here (e.g at top) See here for my Berlin Photo Gallery


This is the legendary Oberbaumbrücke bridge that links the districts of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain over the Spree .