About Me

I started this site so I could share my photos, music, travels & experiences, wherever this might be – Australia – India – NZ – Berlin – Scotland- someplace else !

Who am I ?

Thats a good question which I’m sure Buddhists would have an interesting answer to it. I am sometimes a musician, have been known to be a computer hacker, a photographer,a traveller, and pool shark.  I am fortunate to have seen many amazing places in this World. India & New Zealand being particular highlights for me.

I don’t like being a tourist. I like to experience places. I like colours and sounds. I don’t bother ticking off long lists of been there etc lists. I’d much rather go and stay somewhere for a month meet local people…& get a feel for a place

I don’t do much plans anyway, goals are better. The best things in life are often spontaneous. Such as meeting a taxi driver in Delhi and finding out he sings at weddings and then recording a rather original Hindi version of “Blue Suede Shoes”.

How Long have I been Travelling ?

Truly I think we never stop travelling, the earth is travelling at how fast ? 66,000 mph someone said. Even forgetting that we’re all travelling through space & time. We never know how long we will know people for. I think thats why travelling is so attractive, it brings us closer to the truth that everything is so impermanent, and that every moment we have is so fortunate. Easy to forget when stuck in a dull routine…

So I was born in Scotland but I lived in Australia for 8 years, and over the last 5 years I started going to India when I could manage it, exploring some of Australia then finally I left my idyllic life on a tropical island and went to New Zealand travelling for a year there in that magical country. Then for the next year I have been to India again, Scotland my homeland, and I have ended up in Berlin, Germany …for now..


I love music and have done since I first heard a band aged 5. The drummer gave me his drum sticks after, which I took home and started to bash anything & everything with no discrimination or inhibition. Unsuprisingly this led to my parents quickly investing in an object for me to hit – a snare drum.

I still love the drums but I switched my focus at 15 more to guitar. For one thing its a bit difficult to carry a drum kit around the world.  I make and compose my own music, which varies in style but still retaining a theme…of psychedelic, blues, grooves, possibly some liberal Hendrix influenced note bending and rythym’s, throw in a little guitar feedback and some funk and its cooking.

I have been involved in many bands of different styles – in particular reggae and ska was a favourite – everyone gets happy…When everyone gets happy then theres a little more peace in this World, and thats got to be a good thing.

I also teach guitar, its amazing to see students grow and an honour to be able to pass on a little knowledge and guidance..

Computer Stuff !

Lastly I have one or two computer skills up my sleeve which I use to make sites like this, and I am honoured to have been looking  after the computer network of Townsville Multicultural Support Group in Australia for the last 6 years, they help refugee’s settle in the area and get on their feet.

I have been working with computers since I was a boy, and realised it was confirmed that it was something I was good at after I managed to get suspended from school for hacking their computer network.

Aside from this I also started a Web Video Production business making Explainer Video for websites.


Chris Blyth

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